Graduation Requirements

Mater Dei strives to educate a broad spectrum of students within an academic program geared toward college preparation. Designed to meet the needs of all students, the curriculum offers Advanced Placement and Honors courses in all major disciplines as well as courses in Basic Skills.

To earn a Mater Dei diploma, a student must successfully complete 120 credits of course work, including the specified number of years in the following areas:

English (4 years)

(3 years)

Physical Education/Dance/Strength & Conditioning
(1 year)

Religion (4 years)

U.S. History
(2 years)

Science (3 years)
(Including Biology)

World Language
(2 years of the
same language)

World History or Western Civilization
(1 year)

and/or Practical Arts (1 year)

Juniors & Seniors are encouraged to take College Courses

Health / Driver Theory (1 year) 

90 hrs. total of Christian Service

Seniors must successfully complete all courses and fulfill all requirements
in order to graduate with their class.



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