Extracurricular Activities & Clubs

Mater Dei offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities to provide opportunities outside of the classroom for our students to interact with each other and with our faculty. These clubs and activities enable our students to pursue their personal interests and to share their unique talents with the community. They also provide our students with opportunities to develop their leadership qualities and to extend their academic and social experiences. Not all the clubs below run every year. A club must have three or more members and a moderator assign in order to be approved for the year.

Activity / Club Name Faculty Advisor Profile / Overview
Art Club Ms. Rebecca Weinstein Any interested student. Art related trips and projects, care of the gallery. Meetings as announced.
Catholic Athletes for Christ Mr. Steve Loori
Mrs. Maureen Regan
A club that intertwines Catholic teachings and morals with athletic competition
Celtic Club          Mrs. Maureen Regan Any interested student. Discusses, celebrates, and takes trips involving the culture of the language. Meetings when announced.
Chess Club Mr. Phil Lemig Any interested student. Three divisions: Beginner, Amateur, Professional. Tournaments in the three divisions. Meets every Thursday from 2:15 -3:30 pm.
Chorus Mrs. Cindy Dwyer Anyone for full chorus. Honors by audition. Performs winter and spring concerts.
Community Service Club Mrs. Maureen Regan

Any interested student. Provides an avenue for giving time and effort to helping others and sharing the joy of contribution with fellow members.

Dance Program Ms. Megan Amitrani Any interested student. Dance and Choreography. Meetings when announced.
Environmental Club Mrs. Bonnie Golden Any interested student. Provides positive outdoor experiences and active participation in maintaining healthy ecosystems.
French Club

Madame Ronayne

Any interested student. Discusses, celebrates, and takes trips involving the culture of the language. Meetings when announced.
Honors Chorus Mrs. Dwyer By audition - see Mrs. Dwyer for information
KAIROS Mrs. Martina O'Connell A three day retreat led by a staff and student team guiding seniors to look at their relationship with god at this particular time in their lives. KAIROS gives direction o nhow to grow in our experience of God in our belonging to one another as followers of Jesus and members of Church.
Literary Magazine)
Mrs. Elana Maloney

Any interested student. Puts together a magazine of student art and writing.

Math Club Ms. Jeanne Dickinson

Juniors and Seniors. Varsity Group (Varsity and JV) competes in N.J.H.S. Math League (6 contests) Catholic H.S. Math League (4 contests) while JV Group competes in the Catholic H.S. Math League (4 contests) only.

Math Seminar Ms. Jeanne Dickinson AP Calculus students. Meets twice a month to discuss math problems pertaining to the AP Calculus Exam.
Mater Dei Television Mrs. Janet Molicki

Accepted applicants. Students produce (MDTV) newscasts/electronic journalism. Meets daily before school.

Mater Dei Goes Green Mrs. Margaret Cahill Any interested student. Be environmentally aware and protect the campus grounds.
Missions  Mrs. Martina O'Connell One (or two) elected/appointed person(s) from each homeroom as well as other volunteers. Coordinates mission awareness, fund-raising, and activities.
National Honor Society (NHS) Ms. Marisa Minervino Juniors and Seniors who have Society (demonstrated excellence in academics, service and leadership. Top 12%. Tutors underclassmen, sponsors food drives for needy families
Outdoor Club TBD

Any interested student. Features seasonal outings; ie., skiing, rafting..


Any interested student. Publishes student newspaper. Meetings as announced

Ping Pong Club Mr. Philip Masterson Any interested student. Play ping pong daily during flex period
SADD Task Force Mrs. Martina O'Connell Any interested student. Promotes substance abuse awareness; participates in the County Task force. Meets twice a month.
Seraph Players Mrs. Cindy Dwyer Small cabaret style theatrical performances and programs.
Spanish Club Mrs. Sandy Lattimer Enhance and enrich students understanding and appreciation of the Spanish language and Spanish cultures.
Spanish Conversation & Scrabble Mrs. Anita Wade Students have conversations in Spanish on many topics and play scrabble in Spanish.
School Play Mrs. Cindy Dwyer Auditions held in winter. Performs a musical in the spring
Student Advisory Board (SAB) Mr. Philip Masterson
Mrs. Margaret Cahill
Elected officers. Represents interests of the student body, plans some student activities.
Students for Life Mrs. Maureen Regan

Support the belief that all life is sacred from conception to natural death

Mrs. Catherine O'Brien Yearbook classes. Produces the yearbook.
The Mater Dei Band Mr. Mike Kabash For students interested in improving their musicianship, performing live, studying music in college and performing together.
Youth Ministry Mrs. Marina O'Connell All Students. Students minister to the school at Liturgies as altar servers, lectors, musicians and singers, and Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers!


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